The Best Time is NOW | Heidi Liu

Is there something worse than snooze your morning alarm, that you told yourself you will get up?
Is it even worse than snoozing the second alarm… and snoozing the third one, and reluctant to start the day nor cut your losses?
What this means is if a situation gets severe, it is better to stop sooner than later.

So, why am I even talking about this?
Because putting a stop sign for ourselves was an unbelievable reflective moment for me, when I realized that this idea of waking up can be applied to our entire lives.

Think of it like staying up late. You swiped a Facebook post, you made a mistake, but that is not your biggest problem. Our biggest problem is sticking with the mistake.
Finished reading this post, we have a chance to change. Swipe the screen for the next post or exit the app and go to bed. What we do at this moment will determine who we will become. All of these little decisions we made as a result of go-to-bed add up, that changes the course of our life.
So, when you are aware instead of unconscious, time has a way of slowing down for you. When we want time to pass slower, we need to find a way to make a second counts more. Putting on your time today alone will take an action to boost your production and confidence. Ask yourself: What habits have been destroying my life for too long, either killing me emotionally or physically, what class have I been sleep walking in that I’m not passionate about; what relationship have I been coasting in, and what areas of my life right now that I’m not taking enough risks which it is consuming me my dreams?

Honestly, here is the sad truth: we can waste our whole life by unconsciously just going day after day making the same mistakes and never pay attention to what we indeed need to change. My hope is this article would be a Stop Sign for your tonight, for the next hour, for next day or even next week. Many of you may even want to put a chain of stop signs in a longer time. At the last week in 2016, you may plan ‘how do I salvage the next year? 2016 did not go as well as I like, I want the next year to go much better.’ Some of you are looking at a Stop Sign for your life. ‘My study hasn’t gone the level I could have done, but I want to make my future count.’

For those of you that want to reset on that scale, there is an article (Hard way & easy way: Apply to identify which way is the best for you, and start creating the life you want as the person you want to be.

Dream occurs during sleep.




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Author BioHeidi currently work as Teaching Assistant for Intro to GIS and Construction Process I under the Architecture and Planning Department at University of Colorado at Denver.
Heidi is a keen sketcher, photographer, and traveler. (
Heidi is a Chinese student graduated from Shenyang University, China. During 4 years studying in Environmental Art Design, she received 4 years scholarship and was nominated as 2014 Excellent Undergraduate Student.