Jom – Ekpanith Naknakorn

Jom – Ekpanith Naknakorn

Jom is a landscape architecture designer who have been practicing in Urban Design / Landscape Architecture Profession since 2005. Jom founded Dream Action in 2015 with the objectives of sharing knowledge and inspiration to young designers and new generation who want to pursue their dream.

Jom believes in the power of execution. She said “If you work hard for your dream and never give up, it will come true one day”.

Jom is an example of an ordinary girl who extraordinary fight for her dream to make it come true.

When Jom was in college, she aimed to work professionally with the world-leading Landscape Architecture company in the US. Since that day, She kept honing her skills until she got a very first job as a landscape architecture designer in America(2006). After that she had opportunities to work with top design company such as Sasaki Associates Inc and Design Workshop.

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Through her splendid dedication in 2005, she had been called to serve Thailand to work with the best team of multidisciplinary experts including Landscape Architecture on supporting Thai Government and Chulalongkorn University in rehabilitation of the 15 National Parks in Southern coast of Thailand that were damaged by Tsunami.

During the time with Design Workshop, Jom had worked on many notable projects such as Daybreak, Natural History Museum of Utah, I-70 cover park master plan. Beside her strong design skills, Jom has strong skills in digital rendering and productivity. In 2008, She wrote an article for Bumwad Magazine about the principle of digital rendering. Therefore, She also initiated the “visualization communities of practice” and “Visualization Magazine” at Design Workshop and led over 10 training sessions with the staff at Design Workshop on visualization for Landscape Architecture since 2012.

During time with Sasaki Associates, Jom had worked in the urban design and planning project around the world from China to Middle East. One of the great projects she worked on as a core team member was “Dead Sea Development Zone Detailed Master Plan” with Sasaki Associates Inc. It had won two national awards (National Honor Award in Regional and Urban Design, American Institute of Architects, Honor Award: Analysis and Planning Category, American Society of Landscape Architects). For more details, please visit

Photo : Presentation from the students at ACE 2016, photo by Jom

Jom loves to teach and mentor. In 2016, She volunteered for ACE program which was a 4-month career exploration program for high school students to learn about Architecture / Engineering/ Construction.

In academic, Jom served as a thesis committee for Master of Landscape Architecture students from Louisiana State university and University of Colorado at Denver. She went back to gave lectures to Chulalongkorn University in 2011.

On March 2016, Jom gave a presentation at CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture) in Salt Lake City on “Depicting Sustainability: Infographics Tell the Story of Daybreak’s Landscape Performance”. She presented this poster to Design Workshop including the behind process of her 5-month work on this poster that she turned over 100 pages of data into one infographic poster. More about this presentation sees “Story & Process of telling a pictorial story”

Dream can be reality, if you make it happen!

Jom's Timeline

Interest / Hobbies

special interest

DESIGN – Jom always enjoy the world around her through designer’s lens.

ART – Jom loves drawing, sketching, doing manga, and street art. Her art involved in stencils and graffiti.

SNOWBOARD – Even though Jom came from a tropical country, she fell in love with snowboard from head to toe. She said snowboarding is the sport that changed her life. She moved to Colorado to be close to the slope and has the lifestyle she wants.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Every trip Jom goes, she always has a camera. Jom cannot travel without camera.

HIPHOP – Jom likes old-school rap music and she can beatbox.

MUSIC – Jom makes music. She can play both Thai traditional instruments and Western Instruments. Her current music instrument is Bass.

BAKE & COOK – Jom’s philosophy is to make people around her happy with her own creation. Therefore, she wants to make people happy through her cooking and baking. She designed pastry to be specific to the person whom will eat. Her baking is always incorporated her design and sketching skills.

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ชล ศุภวงศ์

Chon Supawongse

A common kid with uncommon desire to succeed.

The attitude of never quit is the pillar. Metal toughness, adaptability, and perseverance are norms.

The only easy day was yesterday. Life is civilized war. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity confronted, sleep is for the weak. Moderation is for coward. Never put too much trust in anyone. Having no enemies, find a way to make them. Regardless of circumstance, finishing what started. If knocked down, get back up every time. Emotions cloud reason. People talk shit till barrel in their mouth. First strike mindset, takes offensive and don’t be the victim. Master the art of timing, assume formlessness. Get rich or die tryin. Be first, fast, and fearless.

You can’t knock the hustle.


Last but not least..

If you have any questions or would like me to write or find answers regarding to self-development, making great portfolio, resume or inspiration related to design. I would love to talk to you! Contact Jom here**